Novotel Suites


Novotel rates are per room per night and include breakfast:

130€ single

145 € double

170€ triple (does not have 3 single beds, but a double and single)

Novotel Booking Form for GIN Conference 2020

Rooms have been pre-reserved at these neighbouring hotels which are situated in the Kirchberg district, just a short walk from the Chambre de Commerce conference venue. They both have the same prices as indicated above.

Input your dates to avail of the discounted rate for GIN Conference participants. Note that due a technical hitch in their booking system it might not be possible to select the hotel but you may have to manually add Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg or Novotel Suites Luxembourg in the Destination box to get the preferential rate.

If you would like to add any extra nights to your booking please do the online booking first and then contact the hotel directly to modify the reservation. If you need any further information about this process you can contact the reservations department of the hotel directly: