Copenhagen International School 

8-10 November 2018

The GIN club at the Copenhagen International School has been busy preparing to host its first-ever GlN conference. From November 8-10th, eight visiting schools from the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, and Spain with join CIS GIN members to address the conference theme, Putting the Human in Humanitarian, which draws from the UN Sustainable Development Goal no.10: “Reducing Inequalities.” The program includes eight guest speakers from various local organizations who will address human trafficking, refugees, gender disparity, youth voices, power, and development. Added to this, visiting students will deliver their own presentations on a range of human rights topics and a CIS parent will exhibit photography from her work, “Transcending Gender; an Intimate Encounter,” confronting gender issues in Jakarta, Indonesia. A PTA-sponsored potluck dinner and documentary viewing of "Even When We Fall," a visit to the United Nations complex next door, and an iconic Copenhagen boat tour from the campus to city-center will round-out the conference experience for CIS students and their lovely GIN guests. 

Kasey Kozara