The International School of Luxembourg will be hosting a local GIN forum with schools from their community on Thursday 24th November under the theme 'Going Glocal: addressing global issues through glocal engagement'


The idea of a Global Issues Network was originally stated in JF Rischard’s book ( High Noon: 20 Global Problems, 20 Years To Solve Them, Basic Books, 2003) which triggered the start of the GIN initiative. Since then, like many schools, we have been adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a roadmap. You can find out more here about the Global Issues Network movement and our previous conferences here.

We feel a growing need to explore local-based solutions to global issues in collaboration with community partners. Student-led projects would benefit from increased connections with like-minded people from other schools and organisations in the community. 


Who can participate?

Secondary school students from schools in the vicinity of the Geesseknäppchen campus who are already actively engaged with global issues or who want to contribute to community projects.

This is the opportunity for small groups of students to share their projects or run workshops that can benefit like-minded students engaged in community projects.


The programme would run from 9am to around 4pm and include:


Lunch at ISL



The only cost incurred is lunch at the ISL canteen. Participants should be instructed to bring around 10 Euros in cash.

Examples of student projects

The Heritage Project (ISL)

Although it may have begun as a quite simple ‘direct impact’ service project, which mainly entailed cleaning the graves of a Jewish cemetery that due to lack of government funding required help in terms of maintenance, the Heritage Project has grown into so much more ever since being started. 

We, as a group of students and with teacher guidance by-side recognized our ability to aid the Jewish community of Luxembourg in other forms, whether it be by creating visibility of celebrated Jewish holidays or by designing a map of the cemetery. We aim to continue to work to provide a service for the Jewish community of Luxembourg as a whole and to uphold the respectful and considerate environment that we have created when visiting and maintaining the cemetery.

The ISL Beekeepers

ISL beekeepers have been an active part of the ISL community for a few years now, and are currently being led by two 11th Graders. They take care of the bees and ensure they have a healthy environment to thrive in. In the year to come, there will be more hives added to our campus, along with some florid bee gardens. 

Responsible Consumption and production

This project consists of using their technological solutions to address and reduce energy consumption at ISL, completely addressing Sustainable Development Goal 12; Responsible Consumption.