Aaron Jones

Aaron is an enthusiastic and driven networking machine with a passion for marketing. He is a creative go-getter who flourishes under pressure and many people have said that he is a natural charmer.

 He set up Fikay Fashion from his dorm room with a £600 student overdraft and an ambition to bring about positive change. When travelling across South East Asia he was shocked by the lack of basic healthcare and sanitations and the horror of the Khmer Rouge; he knew he had to do something to help. He had previously volunteered in India and met local ladies in villages making handicrafts. These talented women inspired the idea behind the business. Fikay has now turned into a multi-award winning enterprise and we are continuing to grow.

Aaron really does believe that sharing is caring so he also often deliver workshops and talks at conferences, award ceremonies and universities. 

 Fikay is a multi-award winning ethical fashion brand with a mission to celebrate the people behind the products.

 Fikay craft contemporary designs and quality merchandise for adventurous individuals in a way which promotes sustainable enterprise across the world.


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