Final reminders to participants

You are ambassadors for your schools and representatives of the Global Issues Network!

Health and Safety

  • You should not have to leave the conference floor level except to exit the building.

  • Smoking is not allowed in the Chambre de Commerce building. A smoking area is designated in the floor plan. Your school rules about smoking apply.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drinks are only allowed in the cafeteria and lobby; not in the conference rooms.

  • Lunches and snacks (sponsored by Sodexo), as well as Thursday night’s dinner (sponsored by Eurest), are included in the conference registration fee. Other food can be purchased in the cafeteria or from the vending machines.

  • We recommend that you bring your own water refillable water bottle but if you don't, you will be provided with a bottle of water on the first day which you can refill throughout the duration of the conference. Please mind your bottle carefully as we will not provide small bottles of water during snack and mealtimes as part of our efforts towards reducing waste at the event. Bottled water can be purchased from the cafeteria or vending machines.


  • The Chambre de Commerce is a public building hosting many events each day; please dress accordingly. Dress code is “smart-casual” (no offensive T-shirts or jeans with holes please).

  • Also, please make sure to keep the conference rooms, hallways, and area outside the Auditorium tidy, and respect the recycling system in place.

  • Please keep noise to a minimum and, most importantly, do not place flip-charts outside conference rooms to advertise your presentations as these can impede movement between rooms and hallways and cause annoyance to other visitors in the building. This will be monitored throughout the conference.

  • We would ask you not to distribute flyers to advertise your workshops.

  • Please respect your individual school curfews for bedtimes, and remember to respect other students, teachers and people around you.

  • Schools will enforce their own rules for trips during the conference.

Attending presentations and workshops

  • You are welcome to arrange the room according to the needs of your presentation as long as you return it as you found it.

  • Please do not remove the flip-charts from the room.

  • If a room is full, you are not permitted to sit on desks at the back and are asked to move to another presentation. Can we ask teachers to be vigilant about overcrowding in conference rooms as a matter of health and safety. It is also in the interest of all students and teachers to ensure we have an adequate audience in each room, given the hard work put into preparing presentations.