Planning and preparing your conference presentation

Student-run and designed workshops are an exciting and integral part of a GIN conference.  

GIN teams are responsible for working with their peers to develop and improve their projects; as effective change-makers who continue to seek more sustainable and innovative solutions. 

Each student team works to deliver their process and efforts: their goals, challenges, successes and plans for the future.

Each student team attends a GIN Conference with the aim to learn how to better engage within their locale and with their peers.

Design a 40-45 minute interactive workshop

20 – 25 minutes: presentation

20 – 25 minutes: activities, discussion, and peer review


The following delineates the Student Workshop Presentation expectations:

Workshops are to be presented by each and every GIN team at a conference.  Please prepare the following for your workshop:

*Please note: We strongly suggest that you work with a supportive teacher to learn how to best deliver an inspiring message and teach complex ideas!

Why not refer to this grid to help your students with preparing their presentations for the conference?