Guest Speakers


After 41 years travelling the world in the aviation business as a licensed aircraft technician, Duncan seized the opportunity in 2018 to pursue his real passion for nature. He had already been volunteering at the Luxembourg Wildlife Rescue centre for 3 years; moving from full time work in aviation meant he had more time to focus on the increasing numbers of sick and injured animals and birds received for care. To explore and remediate further the demise of our wildlife he took a 5-year BA Honours degree in Environmental Studies, receiving a first. In the same period, he received a diploma distinction from Oxford University Business School in Corporate Sustainability Leadership and also gained a distinction diploma for wildlife rescue and rehabilitation from the UK. He feels privileged to have been given a seat on the Board of Directors at the rescue centre in Dudelange, giving him the chance to share his recent ecological education in the current biodiversity loss crisis and more so creating awareness whenever he can. 

Bastian RUF

Bastian Ruf is a 24-year-old inclusion advocate from Germany,

During a year spent volunteering in a children's home for children with intellectual disabilities, he realized how many obstacles they face in their everyday lives. He firmly believes that inclusion is not an act of charity, but that everyone has a right to equal opportunities. He has made it his mission to raise awareness of the exclusion of people with disabilities and to inspire people to take action and create a more inclusive world.

While volunteering for the Special Olympics movement, he saw the inclusive potential of sport, and it convinced him that a physical or mental disability is not a handicap in itself, but that everything depends on the more or less adapted environment.

Following his studies in development cooperation, he joined Humanity & Inclusion in 2024 to raise awareness of inclusion and equality issues in Luxembourg. He admires the work of the international aid organization alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable populations in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflicts and disasters and wants to do his part to advocate for the satisfaction of their basic needs, the improvement of their living conditions and the promotion of respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

MAD Courses

MAD Courses is a social enterprise specialised in service learning. We create digital learning content around the stories of local communities & changemakers worldwide. MAD has collaborated with top companies such as Vimeo, as well as some world-class filmmakers (including an  Oscar-nominee!) to organise filming competitions. 

Sophie Peccaud

During her international business studies, Sophie was triggered by the disconnect between impact and business. She delved into social entrepreneurship across Latin America & Asia, equipping her to cultivate impactful partnerships with schools and universities

Suji De Hart

An international educator for the past 20 years, Suji’s passion lies both in democratizing education for the underserved and empowering youth to become skillful changemakers. Today, she channels her coffee addiction into the creation of innovative online courses to achieve these goals.

Mia Reyn

Mia is a youth environmentalist. Currently a student at the International School of Amsterdam, she has been active in many service initiatives to further her vision of a sustainable future. She leads two sustainability clubs and founded a plastic recycling program at her school. At age 16, she wrote a book about sustainability called ‘A Blueprint for Saving Our Planet’. She continues to create impact by working with other schools to coordinate student-led sustainability efforts.