IT information

IT - related information

· GIN conference participants will be supplied with a WiFi access code, displayed on a general announcements bulletin board at the Chambre de Commerce for the duration of the conference

· do not rely on the Internet for an important live presentation - prepare your presentation so that you can run it OFF-line

· if you would like to show video footage or a YouTube video make sure you have it downloaded to a USB stick.

· if you need to do a presentation and you have a MacBook, iPad, or other Mac device please make sure to bring your own VGA adapter.

· if you have created your presentation using MS Office, make sure to save it in an Office 2003 compatible format unless you run it from your own laptop.

· make sure you have a USB stick with you, in case you want to share or swap a file with other participants.

A couple of ISL IT technicians will be present at the Chamber of Commerce to help if you encounter problems.