Conference Venue

GIN Conference 2020

The 2020 GIN Conference will take place at the Chambre de Commerce, 7 rue Alcide de Gasperi, L-2981 Luxembourg. The Chambre de Commerce is located in the Kirchberg district, just a short walk from the Novotel and with great transport links to the city centre (tram/bus) and the airport (bus). 

At the Chambre de Commerce we have use of the main auditorium as well as smaller conference rooms of varying capacities.

IT support

Conference rooms are equipped with audiovisual equipment (desktop computer, projector, screen). You are kindly asked not to make any changes to the equipment provided and to request IT support from one of our technicians if you need assistance. Note that Apple is not supported and you will need to bring your own VGA cable if you wish to use an Apple product. If you have specific questions on this please contact us at  

Furniture arrangements 

Each room layout includes a head table, some desks, and chairs for participants.  (You are welcome to arrange the room according to your needs as long as you return it as you found it). Please do not remove the flipcharts from the room. If the room is already full for a presentation, please do not sit on the floor or on the tables, but move to a room that still has seating space.

Dress Code

The Chambre de Commerce is a public building hosting many events each day; please dress accordingly. Dress code is “smart-casual” (no casual T-shirts and no jeans with holes please).

Keeping the venue clean and tidy

The Chambre de Commerce is a busy, professional venue hosting many events at the same time. Please keep noise to a minimum and, most importantly, do not block hallways with flipcharts. Note also that it is a non-smoking venue. 

Protecting our environment

We continue to make efforts to reduce paper and plastic during the GIN Conference. 

Please let your students know that leaflets advertising presentations are not allowed

Make sure to use the correct bins for your waste (paper, plastic, non-recyclable). 

More specific information on arrangements for drinking water will follow shortly!