Jasmin O'Hara

Jaz O'Hara is the founder of The Worldwide Tribe, an organisation which began as a personal travel blog  designed to inspire a community of international citizens. It's message; 'We are all the same, and the world is our home, so let’s share it accordingly' was shared through content around Jaz's work across Asia, mainly the rural, tribal cotton fields of India, back when she worked in ethical Fashion. 

 In July 2015, when the newspapers were still full of negativity around the refugee crisis, she decided to go to Calais with her brother, a film maker, to film a documentary about the people behind the dehumanising headlines. She had many questions she wanted answering. Back from this first trip, emotional and overwhelmed, she wrote a Facebook status about the experience which went viral, leading to eight London warehouses filled with tonnes of physical donations and £200,000 raised through crowdfunding (JustGiving's biggest Crowdfunding campaign ever!)

Jaz has been working tirelessly to support refugees across Europe ever since. The Worldwide Tribe has become a registered charity, distributed hundreds of thousands of shoes, items of clothing and food into the camp in Calais, set up a volunteer programme in Calais and Lesvos, installed Wi-Fi into the camp in Calais, provided shelter and storage for camps in Lesvos, documented the crisis from France, Greece, Hungary, Croatia with the aim of overturning negative public opinion and much much more!

 Jaz also raises awareness by sharing the life stories of the friends she has made during her time actually living in the camp in Calais, known as 'The Jungle' through creative and innovative content, such as their heart-wrenching documentary, to her wide, online audience. 

 Learn more about Jaz O’Hara or The Worldwide Tribe at: http://theworldwidetribe.com/