Rob and Paul Forkan

Gandys was created by brothers Rob and Paul, who had a bohemian upbringing, travelling and volunteering all over the world. The brothers wanted to create something unique, driven by their personal passion after the tragic loss of their parents in the Boxing Day tsunami. Rob and Paul founded Gandys with the vision of funding their charitable foundation “Orphans for Orphans” in supporting children in need and creating a legacy in their parents’ name. 

Rob and Paul wanted to create something innovative that would reflect the vibrant upbringing they had. They felt that the best way to express all the different cultures they had experienced on their travels was to create a lifestyle brand with the ethos of “Explore and Inspire”. The brothers are dedicated to trying to create a better future for fellow orphans, as it was the children of Sri Lanka who helped Rob and Paul and their younger siblings survive and escape. Gandys has built its very own children’s’ home in Sri Lanka to mark the 10-year anniversary of the tsunami. With various homes funded in Sri Lanka and India, Rob and Paul are hoping that more people will join them on their journey in creating a better future for those less fortunate.

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