Isabel Falkenberg

Isabel Falkenberg has been involved with Walkabout Foundation since 2013, first as a Member of the Board of Trustees and, since July 2015 as the organisation’s CEO. Walkabout is an international not-for-profit organisation that restores dignity, independence and freedom by providing wheelchairs to individuals in the developing world whilst financing research to find a cure for paralysis. Founded in 2009 by siblings Carolina and Luis Gonzalez-Bunster, to date, Walkabout has impacted an estimated 30,000 lives in 21 countries by distributing over 10,000 wheelchairs. Of these, 4,000 have been distributed during Isabel’s tenure.

Isabel has been in charge of opening the first Walkabout rehabilitation centres in India and in Kenya and completing the Foundation’s 1 million dollar pledge towards the ground- breaking medical research of Dr Reggie Edgerton at UCLA. Whilst their scientists work incessantly to find a cure for paralysis, Walkabout Foundation has made it its mission to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities through the provision of wheelchairs and rehabilitation. This 3-pronged approach means that they tackle the issue from all angles, ensuring the creation of a sustainable model that provides short, as well as long-term solutions. 

 Isabel has over 20 years’ experience in Finance. Fluent in many languages, she also holds two Postgraduates in History of Art, a Postgraduate in Economics and Business, and an MSc in Economics and Business. Isabel lives in London and is married with three children.

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