2019 GIN Conference

Student presentation titles and descriptions

Student presentation titles and descriptions from the 2019 GIN Conference programme

Poverty is like punishment for a crime you did not commit"                                                                                        

“Poverty is hunger. Poverty is living one day at a time”. We are determined to shed light on child poverty in developed countries, especially within Europe. Our workshop will encompass what we, as future international leaders, can do to nurture a more harmonious society that aspires to less inequality in how resources are distributed.

Equality for Newborns                                                                                                                                                    

The “Equality for Newborns" project aims to give all newborns the same opportunities in order to convey that people are born equal. The project consists of providing boxes for newborns containing items that are needed for babies and can be expensive for families that have economic  problems.


Helping Vulnerable Children Achieve Their Dreams                                                                                                         

We will present two organizations (Operation Smile and the Barefoot Foundation) that give vulnerable children opportunities to strive and have a right to education. We will share our school clubs' successes and challenges and we look forward to hearing about your successes and challenges as well.


Persecution of Albinos in Africa                                                                                                                                  

Albinism is a rare genetic disorder causing a lack of pigmentation in skin, eyes, and hair. In countries like Tanzania, people with albinism are persecuted and trafficked due to the belief that their body parts bring good luck. Join us as we examine possible solutions for implementing measures to help improve the safety of those with albinism in Africa.


Special with Potential                                                                                                                                                                   

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be socially rejected as a result of being either physically or mentally challenged? All people have the right to be treated equally regardless of their ‘special’ characteristics. Attend our presentation to discover what action can be taken to make our society more altruistic.


Hanging By A Thread                                                                                                                                                       

The price of a shirt has fallen below that of a coffee. A dress costs the price of a book. How is this possible? How has our consumer driven society been able to exploit the poverty-stricken working classes? In our interactive presentation, participants will explore the harsh conditions involved in mass production.

Save a Drop, Save your Future

More than 2 billion people are living with the risk of reduced access to freshwater resources and by 2050, at least one in four people is likely to live in a country affected by this. Follow us on our    journey of exploring ways to tackle this vital issue.


Supporting People with Dyslexia Around the Globe                                                                                          

Dyslexia is a learning difference that affects millions of students our own age around the globe and, sadly, in many countries it is still misunderstood. Join us as we explore global understanding and management of dyslexia, as well as discussing ways we can support these students.


Amore e Amore                                                                                                                                                                 

The frequently stigmatized LGBTQ+ community consists of members who are often victims of extreme prejudice and violence. We believe that a way to combat this is by opening a dialogue on a local scale around such issues to begin making strides towards equality on a global scale.


Save the Milka cow! Natural nutrition is our mission                                                                                        

What difference can you make with your food choices? How does what you eat affect you and your future as well as the future of some people, places and resources? We will show you how to take action accordingly.


Developed? Maybe, but is there a roof over everyone’s head?                                                                    

Although many of us live a comfortable life in a so-called ‘developed’ country, there are people in such countries who do not have access to basic infrastructure. In this workshop, we will present some such cases and discuss the actions we have taken to raise awareness of and tackle these issues.


Toxic Twitter - A Place to Abuse Women?                                                                                                              

Online abuse of women is unacceptable. Do you realise the extent of abuse that women face on social media platforms? Attend our interactive presentation to find out how Amnesty  International is fighting this modern-day plague and how YOU can get involved today.


Does Earth have a Future?                                                                                                                                            

Global warming is creating uncertainty throughout, and societies have a tendency to hide away from this increasing difficult situation. Join the dedicated Dwight School Dubai team to learn about the concrete science behind global warming and the urgent actions we can take to combat climate change and its impact. If not now, when?


Mending Damaged International Relationships                                                                                                   

According to the United Nations Center for Human Settlements, 80% of the world’s countries are classified as “developing countries” with a majority of citizens living on less than $10 per day (CNN). Our interactive session proposes a solution by which developed countries forge improved, collaborative relations with developing countries, providing a strong foundation for growth.


Pack the wrap                                                                                                                                                                    

Do you know how much trash is generated each time you order a takeaway? And the damage this causes for the environment? We have created the "Pack the wrap" initiative, which aims to raise awareness of this situation among local people by comparing two kinds of takeaway and their impact on the environment.


The Unfair Trade of Chocolate                                                                                                                                                   

Everybody loves chocolate, but where is the love for cacao farmers? Unfair trade is behind many of the items we buy daily and so farmers are not treated equitably. We created a Fairtrade ‘chocumentary’ which will explain the vulnerable position of these farmers and how you can take action.


Soft plastics – serial killers!                                                                                                                                                         

The 4.8 metric tons of plastic waste in our oceans kill 100,000 marine animals per year. Newton's third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nature is no exception. It’s time to change our lifestyle to stop plastic waste before our health is affected too.


Vulnerable Children: An Orphan's Story                                                                                                                                

All over the world orphans are abandoned by their parents because of medical issues. In the UK hundreds of children are given up for adoption once the parent is notified of their special condition. This dramatically affects their day-to-day lives as they are seen as being “different”. We are raising awareness about this topic - come to our presentation to find out how!


Bee Friendly!                                                                                                                                                                                     

Bees are best known for honey and beeswax, but did you know that they pollinate a third of       everything we eat and play a vital role in ecosystems? However, a bee apocalypse may be taking place. What happens without bees? We will share our knowledge of how to prevent this.


Filipino streets... a kid's playground?                                                                                                                       

In this interactive workshop, we will learn about the arduous daily lives of street children in the Philippines. We will give you the context to the crisis that affects millions of minors on a daily basis, through innovative activities and thorough discussions. The workshop was designed with the help of Kesz Valdez, one of the guest speakers at this conference.


A World Without Plastic Bags                                                                                                                                     

When people talk about environmental pollution, they always talk about recycling “waste” that causes pollution. How about not creating waste in the first place? Plastic bags are one of the many causes of environmental pollution. Would you be interested in listening to the small steps we have taken to limit the use of plastic bags and preserve our environment?


Enlightening their future

There are about 5.54 million intellectually disabled people in China. We plan to build a website to help people with the fourth level of intellectual disability (IQ 55-75). We will recruit online tutors to help them develop specific skills (such as painting or handcrafting). This action will allow them to earn an income and integrate into wider society.


Happy Hearts: Committing to the future of Indonesia's youth                                                                      

Happy Hearts Indonesia is an NGO that strives to rebuild schools in underdeveloped and disaster stricken parts of Indonesia. GIN Binus has been working with the organization to rebuild a school in the east of the country. We will share an authentic point of view from students living in  Indonesia hoping to make a difference for the better.


Is your diet healthy for you and for the planet?                                                                                                  

This is the age of veganism, paleo, gluten-free and plant-based diets, each with its unique set of  benefits to suit every person. We know that by eating healthily we are doing wonders for our      bodies, but have we ever thought about what sort of impact healthy foods have on the planet and its resources?


 Providing Care Through Technology for Communities in Need  

A non-profit organization that focuses on education, well-being and sports in the province of Azua in the Dominican Republic, Grassroots Foundation empowers young students to develop their full    potential through technology and provides support in relation to teenage pregnancy, domestic      violence and access to education. We have opened a chapter of the foundation at our school.


Sex Ed: Just a Netflix Show?                                                                                                                                                        

We tried to address the vulnerable groups minors and LGBTQI+ people and we realised that we, and other people in our school, did not have enough knowledge on the subject, so we decided to collect data from the students and create a sex education curriculum for Grades 6 - 10.


Redefining a Troubled Health System                                                                                                                                     

According to the World Bank and WHO joint report: “Poor quality health services are holding back progress on improving health in countries at all income levels.” The Dwight School Dubai team   addresses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal ensuring healthy lives and promoting good health and well-being for all.


Local Versus Global Food: Culture, Community, Environment

Ever wonder where hazelnuts for Nutella come from, or how importing them impacts the            environment? Through our community in Italy we have contributed to saving our planet through how we eat. Join us to sample local Italian products, and learn how you can change the world, one meal at a time.


Plastic is “fantastic”!                                                                                                                                                                      

Tons of plastic are thrown away every day, everywhere, polluting lands, rivers, coasts, beaches and oceans. Our presentation will focus on our main project which is called “LAML goes green”.         Together we can make positive change happen! A small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.


Preserving our Endemic Plants                                                                                                                                    

In Erzurum, Turkey, there are a lot of endemic plants, but most people do not know about them. The aim of our project is to inform everyone about the benefits and the beauty of endemic plants in our city, and why we should preserve them

Schoolstagram. Combine your social life and studies                                                                                        

An online community that aims to provide a basic access to education to the most vulnerable. We aim to have Q&A sections for most subjects. The platform will be firstly tested in our school and later on made public so that a larger community can benefit from it.


Should we change our water management system?                                                                                          

In Murcia, water management has always been crucial because we have an arid climate and our economy relies on agriculture. However, times are changing and our traditional arab irrigation    systems are being endangered by several urbanization projects. Should we move forward or fight to preserve our historical and cultural legacy?

The Killer Of 36 Million                                                                                                                                                   

The HIV virus is now scientifically recognized, but we often fail to make ourselves knowledgeable enough. This disease, formerly known to affect only homosexual men, has killed 36 million people to date. Let’s tackle our biases and see what we can do on a personal basis to be more accepting.


Wild Animals Endangered                                                                                                                                             

The fur of animals such as foxes, rabbits, donkeys, beavers, otters and others is often used for making warm garments. As wild animals are being killed indiscriminately for their fur, some       species are becoming endangered. We will increase awareness of this by creating web pages and building  specific accounts on social media such as Facebook and WeChat.


“Project Girl” and “Angelitos de St. Jude”                                                                                                            

Project Girl DR is a student-led initiative working to empower girls through a sustainable  movement providing opportunities through education. Angelito de St.Jude is a student-led club that works alongside the St. Jude organization in the Dominican Republic to aid young cancer patients           financially. Find out how we help our local community through tangible actions with both of these initiatives.


Adolescent Angst: Delving Deeper into Mental Health                                                                                   

Recognising mental illness amongst teenagers is a growing concern. There is often not enough talk or discussion surrounding the issue and it is much more complex than we think. Often called ‘the invisible disease’, its symptoms go unrecognised. Come to our presentation, where we will shed light on this new global issue.


Animal depression as a threat to biodiversity                                                                                                      

Zoos and aquariums have become a serious problem for the sustainability of certain animals. They have limited opportunities to interact with the natural environment and express their  normal     behaviours displayed in the wild, risking psychological suffering and depression. Our aim is to      inform people about animal captivity and promote the design of a Virtual Reality zoo and aquarium


Can we do anything to help Yemen?                                                                                                                        

The Yemen War rivalry between different ethnic groups has been ongoing since 2015. The conflict has resulted in starvation as well as countless casualties. We will be looking at the issue from   different perspectives. Participants will have a constructive discussion about the best ways to help the people of Yemen.


Reshaping the Generations of the Future                                                                                                               

Sustainable development is the ability to meet the needs of the present human development goals without the depletion of natural resources. Join us to see how education is one of the most  effective ways to reshape the generation of the future and provide the skills to assess and address sustainable development concerns.

Save the Milka cow! Natural nutrition is our mission                                                                                                      

What difference can you make with your food choices? How does what you eat affect you and your future as well as the future of some people, places and resources? We will show you how to take action accordingly.


 Step One: Recognising Privilege              

Where do you go to school? What if we had no answer? Every action starts with recognition! Come join us for a game and discussion to gain insight into how academically privileged we are. This     enlightenment will spark ideas to ignite positive change.


The Paradox of Politics                                                                                                                                                                  

Our workshop will explore the link between politics and the environment and how politicians are key if we are to achieve sustainable change. Different political ideologies will be explored, as well as their impact on the environment and necessary political actions needed for progress to occur.


Turkish Citizens and Immigrants’ Rights                                                                                                                                

Of the 80 million people living in Turkey, 4.3 million are immigrants. A number of countries do not accept refugees and so many find a place to live in Turkey as the government allows them to stay. But how do Turkish citizens view this? And do Syrian immigrants, for example, have the same rights as the Turkish people?