Summary of bus links

Chambre de Commerce / Novotel

Stop:  Jean Monnet (bus lines 1, 16, 18, CN4)

Bus line 1 to/from P&R Bouillon (ISL)

Bus line 16 to/from Airport

Bus line 18 to/from Centre/Gare 

CN4 City Night Bus to Kirchberg from Centre/Gare (change at Hamilius)


Stop: B2 – Parlement Européen (new tramway station for travel within Kirchberg only)


YH –Youth Hostel

Stop:  – Plateau Altmunster 

Bus lines 9 and 14 to and from Centre/Gare

CN1 City Night Bus to Clausen from Centre/Gare

Airport - bus line 9 to its final stop, followed by bus line 29.