Cédric Javanaud


After achieving a PhD in marine biology and carrying out a stint in the world of fundamental research, Cédric joined the Fondation GoodPlanet, crafted by Yann Arthus-Bertrand (latest films released, “Human” and “Home”), in 2012, to create a chapter dedicated to the oceans.

 With the aim of making the ocean the heart of environmental concerns, this program was at the origin of the book, "L’homme et la Mer" (Man and the Sea) which was published in eight different countries. It was also demonstrated in a photographic exhibition that was viewed by nearly a million visitors and an app for responsible consumption of sea products was downloaded more than 25,000 times. 

 In 2014, the foundation similarly created field programs, which combine preservation of the environment involving both a social  dimension and solidarity. The project, "Time for the Planet", helps towards the restoration of mangroves in Indonesia and allows the       creation of marine protected areas for the  exclusive benefit of the local communities which are dependent on marine resources.

 For more Information on Cédric or Fondation Goodplanet: http://www.goodplanet.org/en/